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Digital Learning Day

The pandemic has forced us to reflect, reframe, and reprioritize much of everyday life, and for educators, it has brought a refocus on the human side of the work! We know that relationships are the foundation of effective practices and that students and teachers have encountered many challenges while getting back to the routine of school. Yet in the face of adversity, educators continue to rise to the occasion, and there is much to celebrate. All4Ed’s 11th Annual Digital Learning Day (#DLDay) on Tuesday, February 22, 2022, will highlight how educators are creating robust, authentic, and personalized learning opportunities for students inside and outside the classroom anytime, anywhere.

When All4Ed held its inaugural #DLDay more than a decade ago, many districts, schools, and educators were uncertain about the role digital learning could play in their classrooms. The connections between technology, innovation, and equity were nebulous at best. Now, as access to technology has become more ubiquitous, personalized digital learning strategies are a lifeline and a means to level the playing field and close equity gaps, as districts leverage high-quality evidence-based strategies to ensure that each student has the learning opportunities they need and deserve.

Now more than ever, educators need to come together to network, share, and celebrate the many successes happening in their schools and classrooms each day.

Celebrating the Personal in Personalized Learning

Let’s Make #DLDay the Largest Celebration Yet!

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Join us on FlipGrid for our weekly digital learning discussion to connect, share, and support each other!

Flip Grid Questions
What are your favorite digital tools for creating personalized learning experience for your students?
How are you creating powerful personalized learning experiences to support students’ well-being?
Taking care of yourself and supporting your colleagues is as important as supporting your students. What are you doing to take care of yourself and/or how are you supporting your colleagues?
In what ways are you creating personalized learning experiences inside and outside the traditional classroom?
All4Ed is committed to expanding equitable educational opportunities for students of color, students from low-income families, and other marginalized student groups. How are you ensuring you students have access and opportunity?

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