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Publications & Case Studies

Relevant Resources, Best Practices, and Implementation Tools

The Future Ready Schools® (FRS)’s publications provide valuable information regarding the implementation of effective and equitable innovative instructional practices in schools. Focused on district-level policies and best practices, these guidebooks, toolkits, case studies—and accompanying blogs, webinars, and podcasts—help district leaders overcome challenges and anticipate potential roadblocks along the way. Our publications include real-world experiences from school district leaders who offer relevant tips, advice, and lessons learned.

Case Studies

Innovation and Equity: Improving Instruction Through Professional Learning

During the last few years, Sioux City Community School District (IA) made significant investments in digital transformation, implementing a one-to-one student-to-device initiative at the high school level; expanded multiple science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) and career-focused program offerings; and developed 17 school construction projects.

Innovation and Equity: Expanding Access to Advanced Placement Courses

Although personalized instruction has been a goal for the district, Colton Joint Unified School District (CA) catalyzed its effort to leverage technology fully by joining the FRS network in 2014. That year, Superintendent Jerry Almendarez took the Future Ready District Pledge and set the district on a path to creating student-centered learning using the Future Ready Framework as a guide.

Defining and Refining a Vision for Digital Learning Classrooms

Though the use of FRS tools and resources, Bristol Warren School District (RI) developed an operational definition for the district of what “personalization” means for its teachers and students.

Facilitating Effective Technology Use Through Innovative Spaces

Fremont School District #79 (IL) added a focus on student-centered learning, aided by FRS resources, employing strategies such as student-developed learning profiles and student-led conferences.

Creating a Safe Space for Innovation

Highline School District (WA) worked to enhance the use of educational technology and to create a culture of innovation to support effective technology use with the support of FRS resources.

Increasing Future Ready Capacity and Comprehensiveness

San Antonio Union Elementary School District (CA) adopted a pragmatic approach to technology implementation that uses FRS resources as a foundation for the initiative while implementing strategic tools and resources to bridge the gap between where the district was in its technology integration and where it would need to go in order to fulfill a Future Ready vision.

Addressing Robust Infrastructure Through Collaboration

Through ongoing collaborations between instructional and technology staff, efforts to increase staff knowledge of technology infrastructure, and the involvement of multiple stakeholders (from students to district support staff to community members), Seminole School District (FL) bolstered both the infrastructure and its safe utilization by students, teachers, and other district staff.

Increasing a District’s Comfort With Technology Through a Pragmatic Framework and Professional Learning

Although individuals were implementing technology in the district, no comprehensive approach was employed to ensure the efforts were targeted toward student learning. Stephenville Independent School District (TX) used the FRS resources to increase district capacity and support the comprehensive approach to education technology and student learning.


Remote Learning Considerations

Practical considerations, ideas, and best practices for addressing the unique challenges of high-quality remote learning with support from the Future Ready Framework.

Blending Teaching and Technology: Simple Strategies for Improved Student Learning

A collection of strategies aligned with the Future Ready Framework for implementing an instructional approach supported by blended learning.

Strategies for Implementing Personalized Learning in Rural Schools

A collection of strategies aligned with the Future Ready Framework for rural district leaders implementing personalized student-centered instruction.