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Advancing Equity and Excellence in Our Nation’s Schools 

All4Ed advances equitable policies and practices so all students, especially those from underserved communities—particularly students of color and those from low-income families—graduate from high school prepared to complete postsecondary education and achieve success in a rapidly changing world.​ 

Equity and excellence are at the heart of everything we do at All4Ed. 

Our Vision

All4Ed envisions a nation in which every student has access to an excellent education as a fundamental human right. Our country’s future depends on all graduates being able to exercise the intellectual, social, and emotional competencies necessary to succeed in our democratic society.​ 


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at All4Ed

When our founders, Gerard and Lilo Leeds, created All4Ed in 2001 they understood the vital role education plays in an evolving economy. They also recognized that deep systemic inequities prevent students in marginalized communities from accessing the high-quality learning and opportunities necessary to succeed in a knowledge-based culture. It became All4Ed’s mission to ensure that all students, particularly those of color and those from low-income families, receive an excellent education and graduate from high school prepared to succeed in our rapidly changing world.​ 

Too often, a child’s address, race, or family income determines the quality of education available. At All4Ed we work intentionally to reduce barriers and support communities that historically have been denied an excellent education based on race, gender, socioeconomic status, and systemic injustice.  

“An unfaltering commitment to equity and excellence guides our work—because we have no other constituency than the best interests of our students.”
— Deborah S. Delisle, All4Ed president and CEO, and Dan Leeds, former chairman, All4Ed Governing Board

We believe an excellent education combats historic injustice, contributes to a fair society, and provides equitable opportunities to secure social mobility and economic success. We seek educational justice by challenging the systems and structures that deprive students and schools of sufficient resources and by advocating for the educational and economic supports for those in need.​ 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at All4Ed

To understand better the full range of inequities preventing historically underserved students from receiving a high-quality education, All4Ed staff members are exploring issues around diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).
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July 21, 2020

Publication | Congress, COVID Response & Recovery, Data and Privacy, Digital Divide, Digital Learning, Robust Infrastructure

Homework Gap

16.9 million children remain logged out because they don’t have internet at home.
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November 18, 2020

Publication | Accountability and Support, Every Student Succeeds Act, Funding Equity

When Equity Is Optional

A series exploring how states used ESSA’s flexibility to take different approaches to school accountability—and the consequences of those choices for students.
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