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Enhancing the Impact of the Build Back Better Act

Integrating College in High School Programs

In this report, All4Ed, in partnership with Education Reform Now, Empower Schools, Jobs for the Future, KnowledgeWorks, National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships and UnidosUS, urges Congress to address the substantial decline in college enrollment resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic in the Build Back Better Act by:

  1. expanding access to dual enrollment programs as part of free community college packages, and
  2. expanding and investing in activities to support students’ transitions from high school to higher education.

College in high school programs, such as dual enrollment, concurrent enrollment, and early college high schools, are proven mechanisms for increasing postsecondary program enrollment and completion and an essential strategy for addressing the serious impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on college enrollment and success.

To maximize the impact of the free community college proposal within the Build Back Better Act, and not undermine dual enrollment, financial support for early college credit should be incorporated into the free college package. If community college is made free without also making early college credits free, there may be an unintentional disincentive for students to participate in dual enrollment programs. The choices for students and families in many states would be to (1) pay for college credit while in high school, or (2) wait to take the college courses for free in community college.

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August 12, 2021

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American Rescue Plan Funding: Spending Recommendations for College and Career Pathways

How state and local governments can use the $122 billion for K-12 education under the American Rescue Plan to build high-quality college and career pathways.
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July 22, 2021

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Using Federal COVID-19 Relief Funds to Support Student Transitions from High School to Higher Education

Why state and district leaders should use federal coronavirus relief funds to improve college access and success, especially for students who are historically underserved and under-represented in higher education.
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April 23, 2018

Publication | College and Career Pathways, High Schools, Higher Education

Ten Facts About Dual-Enrollment and Early College High School Programs

How dual enrollment and early college high schools affect students and why it’s critical for the federal government, states, and districts to support them.
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Rebeca Shackleford

Director of Federal Government Relations

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