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American Rescue Plan Funding: Spending Recommendations for College and Career Pathways

All4Ed, in partnership with the NewDEAL Forum Education Policy Group, collaborated to produce this resource encouraging state and local governments to use the historic $122 billion investment in K-12 education under the American Rescue Plan (ARP) to build high-quality college and career pathways for all students.

The analysis looks at how ARP dollars can be applied to broad goals for improving student success beyond high school, such as creating more ways for students to earn college credit while still in high school, promoting FAFSA completion among students who historically have not filled out the federal financial aid form, and providing more opportunities for internships by improving relationships between schools and employers. The recommendations draw from an earlier report by the Education Policy Group, co-chaired by Georgia Senate Minority Caucus Chair Elena Parent and Montgomery, AL Mayor Steven L. Reed, which has crafted state and local policy proposals for aligning the future of education with workforce opportunities and needs. 

The resource also calls for using ARP funds to identify and expand career pathways that offer college credit and workplace experience aligned to high-demand fields, as well as to adopt enhanced college advising that helps students from disadvantaged backgrounds overcome barriers in the college application and selection process.