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Statement by All4Ed President and CEO on President Biden’s Fiscal Year 2024 Budget

For Release: March 10, 2023
Contact: Enrique A. Chaurand, 816-825-1072 cell,

“We applaud President Biden for his continued commitment to supporting our nation’s children, families, and educators with proposed funding increases targeted at our country’s most historically marginalized students, including students from low-income families, students with disabilities, students learning English, and students experiencing homelessness. We are particularly pleased the budget proposal increases funding for the Title I program, which we highlighted in our report earlier this year, “Understanding and Improving Title I”. New investments in Title I are essential to ensuring the program is targeted to schools in high-poverty areas and helps our country’s most historically underserved students achieve better outcomes. We also commend the President’s budget for continuing to support investments in the Career-Connected High Schools initiative – which would better align high schools to post-secondary education and careers to support the development of a well-prepared and competitive workforce.

In addition, this budget makes significant investments to meet the academic and mental health needs of students through new funding for postsecondary mental health supports. Finally, it highlights the President’s commitment to support families by providing funding for childcare and preschool programs and to support teachers by providing increased funding to recruit, retain, and continue professional development that will expand their impact inside and outside classrooms.  

Budgets show what we value—and this budget is very clear that America’s youth and their families deserve the best we have to offer so they may thrive.”


Deborah S. Delisle is the president and CEO of All4Ed (formerly the Alliance for Excellent Education) and served as assistant secretary of elementary and secondary education from 2012 to 2015. 

All4Ed (formerly the Alliance for Excellent Education) is a Washington, DC–based national organization dedicated to advancing policies and practices so all students, especially those from underserved communities and particularly students of color and those from low-income families, graduate from high school prepared to complete postsecondary education and achieve success in a rapidly changing world.