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UnDisrupted: Season Finale (Guest: Jenn Ellis)

Episode Summary:

Join us for an exciting episode on the UnDisrupted Podcast as we wrap up this season with a bang! Hosts Adam and Carl are thrilled to welcome Jennifer Ellis, Director of State Government Relations at All4Ed, for a captivating discussion.

Discover the best uses of artificial intelligence in K-12 education. Get ready to be inspired by innovative AI applications that are transforming classrooms and what they see coming next.

But that’s not all! Jennifer Ellis will also unveil the All4Ed State Policy Center launch and explain how it’s set to significantly impact school districts.
Don’t miss out on this season finale packed with valuable knowledge and exciting updates.

Tune in now to stay UnDisrupted! Season Finale with Jenn Ellis!

Guest: Jenn Ellis, Director User Support – Director of State Government Relations

All4Ed Guest Social Media Handle(s):
Jenn on Linkedin

Additional Links: State Policy Center

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