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Ensuring Access & Opportunity (with Dr. Robin Avelar La Salle)

Establishing a universal floor of academic excellence for all students, while addressing systemic inequities through data-driven, evidence-based practices, is crucial to ensuring equitable access and opportunity. You won’t want to miss Dr. Robin Avelar La Salle, CEO of Orenda Education, dive deep into equity-related practices! Check out Episode 5 of Season 6 to understand: – What are the three “fierce questions” that Dr. Avelar La Salle discusses in addressing systemic inequities? – How does Dr. Avelar La Salle suggest school and district leaders can grow their knowledge base to better understand and address issues of educational equity? – What are the common systemic inequity traps that Dr. Avelar La Salle and her co-author identify in their book “Where Equity Lives”?

Dr. Robin Avelar La Salle, CEO, Orenda Education

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Host: Thomas C. Murray
Director of Innovation
Future Ready Schools
Washington, DC
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