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Future Ready Schools® Podcast Series

Tune in to the Future Ready Podcasts to listen to some of the nation’s top educators discuss how they are finding opportunities in the midst of uncertainty.

Join Tom Murray for another great season of powerful stories from school and districts who are leading and inspiring their colleagues and communities during these unprecedented times!

Join Dr. Adam Phyall and Carl Hooker and their guests as they breakdown many of the challenges facing district-level leaders today.

Join host Brianna Hodges for conversations with instructional leaders who will share their expertise, advice, and experience reimagining teaching and learning.

Future Ready Librarians are facing uncertainty as they return to learning. Join Future Ready Advisor, Shannon Miller @shannonmiller for our newest podcast series, Leading through the Library.

Recent Episodes

January 26, 2023

Podcast | Future Ready Schools

UnDisrupted: Season 6 Kick-off!

Join Adam and Carl as they kick off a new season of the UnDisruptEd podcast. The guys talk about big changes at All4Ed and …
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December 6, 2022

Podcast | Future Ready Schools, Librarians

Tafakari: A Summer Teaching in Tanzania & Kenya (with Andrea Trudeau)

In this episode, Andrea Trudeau (@Andrea_Trudeau) shares highlights from her trip to East Africa where she spent five weeks immersed in the culture while …
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November 29, 2022

Podcast | Future Ready Schools, Librarians

 Student Leadership in the Library (with Wenndy Pray)

Listeners will be inspired to create a space where students can support the library, learn the foundations of customer service, and embrace leadership. .stk-100a30e …
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