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Leading Through Unprecedented Times

The Future Ready Schools® (FRS) podcast series, Leading Through Unprecedented Times, looks at how teaching and learning have shifted online overnight due to mandated school closures across the nation. FRS leaders are simultaneously addressing and amplifying equity issues among marginalized groups as schools become the community hub for food distribution and human connection. Listen to powerful stories from school and district leaders who are overcoming adversity and offering their communities hope as they lead through unprecedented times!

Season 3 of Leading Through Unprecedented Times highlighted 14 amazing leaders and their words of wisdom for leading through the pandemic.

Episode 1: Creating a Growth Mindset through a Standards-Based Approach to Learning and Grading with Ryan Roseberry & Christine Childress
Episode 2: Equity, Social Justice, and Hope with Marlon Styles
Episode 3: United, Not Untied with Dr. Salome Thomas-El
Episode 4: We Will Not Let Each Other Fail with Zandra Jo Galván
Episode 5: We Never Forget the Good Ones with Clint Pulver
Episode 6: Carry the Banner with Emily Paschall
Episode 7: Love is Stronger Than Hate with Chris Singleton
Episode 8: Equity Takes Courage with Sanée Bell
Episode 9: Project Based Learning: Real Questions. Real Answers. with Ross Cooper and Erin Murphy
Episode 10: It’s Not Salesmanship, It’s Leadership with Dr. Mike Lubelfeld
Episode 11: Creating a Human-Focused Culture with LaVonna Roth
Episode 12: The Power of Positive Leadership with Jon Gordon
Episode 13: A Vision of Hope with Dr. Maria Martinez-Poulin
Episode 14: It’s About Progress, Not Perfection with Dr. Shawnterra Moore

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