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Future Ready Schools® Leadership Cohort

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The Future Ready Schools® (FRS) Leadership Cohort is a professional learning opportunity for district teams. We seek like-mind educators who strive to improve learning outcomes for their students through technology-enhanced instruction. To accomplish the cohort’s goals, we emphasize collaborative leadership and positive school culture focusing on innovation, excellence, and equity.

Why Join?

Leadership, training,
and networking

Action planning

Guidance and customized tools

Our country’s future health and financial well-being both depend on students’ performance and experiences in our education system. There is no denying that today’s system is at a critical crossroads. A high-quality education must be available to all students without exception. School systems must leverage technology to improve learning outcomes by personalizing their experiences and offering multiple pathways to success in work, college, and life.

Graduating from high school must no longer be seen as the end goal; it should be viewed as the beginning of a productive life-long journey with purpose and direction. Today’s educational system must fully equip every student with the skills needed to chart their course, allowing them to tap into their passions with a clear and deliberate path to a career and fulfilling life.

Driving Systemic Change

The effective transformation from the traditional one-size-fits-all school system to a robust learner-centered learning environment takes intentional effort and courageous leadership at all system levels. FRS helps district leaders, principals, and teachers work together to transform their schools using collaborative, creative, and courageous practices that improve learning outcomes for all students.

Our Approach: Leadership Capacity Is Key

What Matters Most: Focus on Instruction and the Love of Learning

Buying devices and ensuring internet access is not sufficient to create change. Successful transition to a “future ready” school system happens when districts find a compelling blend of technology planning, collaborative leadership, and a sincere love for teaching and learning for the betterment of each student. As districts across the United States make enormous investments in technology—and plan for successful deployment—it is critical to emphasize the prioritization of improvements to instructional practices. Concentrating on what matters most will ensure that schools deliver technology’s promises for improved student outcomes.

FRS Leadership Cohort Benefits

Now is an opportune time to join this cohort and harness our collective energy and expertise to deliver a world-class educational experience for every student, enabling America to emerge stronger postpandemic with students who are ready for success in work and life. District teams will benefit from participation as they work together to

Potential Outcomes

Districts that complete the cohort activities will experience unique outcomes based on the individual goals set at the beginning of the program. However, we anticipate those districts that finish the program may leave with the following

  • Professional learning protocols to encourage and inspire innovative digital learning instructional models, frameworks, or strategies
  • Skills, characteristics, and attributes of learners at one or various levels of development with instructional plans to achieve these goals for student learning
  • A collection of instructional practices tested during the cohort that can be shared across the school system.
  • A customized list of classroom tools that encourage teachers to innovate.
  • A board presentation explaining the district’s goals for advancing innovation, excellence, and equity.

Program Components

Joining the Cohort unlocks access for your district team to the training, tools, support, and collegial accountability needed to drive sustainable transformation. Activities include but are not limited to the following:

Tentative Schedule

Virtual Workshop : Creating Future Ready Schools: Framework and Visioning

Meeting II: Measuring Readiness: Leveraging Strengths and Filling Gaps

Meeting III: Problems of Practice, Action Planning, and Personalized Professional Learning

Meeting IV: Budget and Resources and Community Partnerships

Meeting V: Action Planning and Data and Privacy

Meeting VI: Share action plans and gather implementation strategies.

Team Composition

Create a FRS Leadership Cohort team entirely based on unique circumstances and local needs. Here are some suggestions on who could be invited:

  • Superintendents
  • Chief information officers, chief technology officers, or directors of technology
  • District-level administrators
  • Principals or assistant principals
  • Curriculum directors
  • Teachers
  • Professional learning coordinators
  • School board members
  • Parents
  • Students
  • Community members

Join the National Cohort – Enroll Today

Space is limited, so inquire today! Cohort participation costs $6,500 per team. Invoicing is flexible and will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.