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Personal & Authentic: Designing Learning Experiences that Impact a Lifetime

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January 16, 2020

Personal & Authentic:
Designing Learning Experiences that Impact a Lifetime

Thomas C. Murray, Director of Innovation, Future Ready Schools®, Alliance for Excellent Education
Deb Delisle, President, Alliance for Excellent Education

“What will happen today that has your kids running back tomorrow?”

That’s just one of the thought-provoking questions best-selling author Thomas C. Murray asks in his latest book, Personal & Authentic: Designing Learning Experiences that Impact a Lifetime.

Just in time for the holidays, Personal & Authentic is the perfect holiday gift for the educator in your lives. In the book, Murray reveals how recent work in the learning sciences has helped paint a detailed picture of what kids need to thrive. Grounded in relationships and built upon a culture for learning, personal and authentic experiences respect the hidden stories within each child and are learner-centered by design. These experiences are filled with moments of awe and the learning is inherently relevant and contextualized. Appropriate levels of flexibility in pace and path are granted so that agency can develop while authentic feedback ensures fidelity in the learning process. To support the personal and authentic experience, spaces and tools are leveraged in evidence-based, meaningful ways.

On January 16, 2020 Tom and All4Ed President Deb Delisle held this webinar to discuss how educators have the power to leave a legacy by:

The work is hard, but our kids are worth it!

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