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Elevate Your Digital Learning with the October Achievery Calendar and Ambassador Program

Revitalize your teaching approach and inspire your students to learn with enthusiasm and passion!

Unlock a wealth of educational resources and enhance your digital learning lessons with the October Achievery Content Calendar. This calendar is your key to taking your curriculum to new heights, offering captivating lessons and engaging videos suitable for learners of all ages, from kindergarten to 12th grade, across a wide range of subjects.

Embark on an exciting month-long educational journey as Achievery aligns its content with special events and occasions throughout October. Whether it’s Halloween, historical anniversaries, or scientific milestones, Achievery provides lessons and videos that infuse relevance and fun into the learning process.

No matter the grade level or subject matter, The Achievery has something for everyone. From math to history, science to art, our resources are designed to engage and inspire students across the spectrum.

The Achievery Content Calendar serves as your roadmap to enriching your teaching, ensuring your students have a rewarding and enjoyable learning experience throughout the month and beyond. But that’s not all! We create The Achievery Calendar monthly, so stay tuned to keep the momentum going all year round. Each month brings innovative ways to seamlessly integrate these videos and lessons into your regular curriculum, keeping your students and community engaged and excited about learning.

Step 1: Create a FREE Achievery account by visiting This account will be your gateway to a wealth of knowledge and creativity.

Step 2: Log in to your Achievery account and click on the image in the August 2023 Achievery Calendar to directly access the lesson. It’s that simple!

Step 3: Share your experiences with these lessons on social media using the hashtag #FRS_Achievery. Connect with fellow educators and showcase the exciting ways you’re incorporating The Achievery into your curriculum.

As you harness the power of the Content Calendar, consider becoming an Achievery Ambassador.

By joining our program, you’ll enjoy a range of benefits:

Are you ready to take your teaching to new heights and inspire a future generation of lifelong learners? Learn more about this exciting opportunity and apply today.

Join us in shaping the future of education, nurturing the next generation, and empowering students to reach for the stars and achieve their dreams. Together, we can make a difference.

About the AuthorS

Lia Dossin is the Director of Program and Outreach at Future Ready Schools. Connect with her at

Shannon McClintock Miller is the Future Ready Librarian Spokesperson and District Teacher Librarian, Van Meter Community School (IA). Connect with her at @shannonmmiller and