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All4Ed Flash: Unveiling All4Ed’s Latest Policy Insights

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce a series of policy reports from All4Ed that redefine the future of education. Let’s dive in! 

First up, our College and Career Readiness Close-Up series showcases innovative approaches to CCR indicators across states. These indicators are crucial for student success, shaping high school accountability systems. The report offers recommendations for state leaders to enhance these indicators and highlights trailblazing states like California, Louisiana, and Georgia

But that’s not all – our insightful report, “Giving Credit Where Credit is Due,” delves into the importance of college credit transfer policies for dual enrollment programs. The Government Accountability Office estimates a 43% loss of credits during transfer, impacting student success. The loss of hard-earned credits can delay degree completion and increase the overall cost of postsecondary education. The report outlines four types of credit transfer policies that state policymakers should consider implementing to ensure students and taxpayers fully benefit from dual enrollment programs along with examples of successful state policies for policymakers to draw inspiration from with comprehensive recommendations.

And lastly, All4Ed proudly announces the launch of its State Policy Center, a groundbreaking initiative focused on advancing educational equity.

The State Policy Center is packed with features to empower state policymakers. For example:

Offering blueprints for impactful change with model legislation. 

State-Focused Policy Resources such as access to tailored resources for informed decision-making. 

Technical Assistance in the form of direct support in drafting legislation, ensuring our models fit the unique needs of each state. 

Additionally, our State Policy Center launched with a focus on three key areas: 

  1. College and Career Pathways: Preparing students for success in higher education. 
  2. Digital Equity: Bridging the digital divide for equitable access. 
  3. Next Generation Accountability: Ensuring accountability systems focus on equity and student growth. 

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