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Designing Collaborative Spaces Webinar/Event

August 15, 2017

This webinar examined how librarians can design, support, and champion collaborative and flexible spaces that promote inquiry, creativity, collaboration and community. Carolyn Foote and Andy Plemmons shared how they designed library spaces with flexibility and student learning at the center. They shared stories, examples, and pushed viewers to make changes and embrace library spaces and communities as Future Ready Librarians too.

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Hacking Project Based Learning Webinar/Event

June 15, 2017

This webinar focused on demystifying project based learning. Ross Cooper and Erin Murphy will introduce ten hacks that construct a simple path educators and students can easily follow to achieve success. Speakers elaborated on these frequently asked questions: How can a learning space that promotes risk-taking and lends itself to inquiry be developed? What needs to be done to create a vision for a project? How can student learning be assessed and guided? How can students share their work outside their classroom’s walls? Panelists shared strategies and resources for implementing and leading project based learning, and they addressed questions submitted by viewers from across the nation.

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