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All4Ed President Deb Delisle on President Trump’s State of the Union Remarks Press Release

February 05, 2020

In response to President Trump’s State of the Union address to the nation on Tuesday night, Alliance for Excellent Education President and CEO Deb Delisle offered the following statement:  “All young people in our country have the right to receive a high-quality, public K–12 education. However, rather than working to guarantee and strengthen that right, President Trump and Secretary DeVos continue to push for a voucher scheme that would siphon funds away from the public education system and serve only a small fraction of our students while ignoring the needs of the overwhelming majority of children whose futures depend on the very system the President condemns. It’s past time for this Administration to put forward a real plan for improving public education that will rebuild crumbling schools, correct historical and long-standing inequities—from school funding to access to advanced course work—and help school districts hire and retain the best teachers and school leaders.” 

Federal Policy Update Webinar/Event

July 19, 2013

The Alliance held a webinar on July 19 featuring members of its federal advocacy team who presented updates on various developments in federal policy and their implications for states. The webinar provided a high school perspective as it relates to the aforementioned polices; however, panelists have a variety of expertise and answered questions from the audience related to other secondary school practices.

Federal Education Policy: A Spring Update Webinar/Event

March 21, 2013

On March 21, members of the Alliance for Excellent Education’s federal advocacy team presented an update on developments in state and federal policy and their implications for high school reform. Panelists also answered questions submitted by viewers from across the country.

Implementing English Language Arts Common Core State Standards: Close Reading of Text Webinar/Event

December 19, 2012

The Alliance for Excellent Education held a webinar featuring Sheila Brown and Lee Kappes of the Aspen Institute, authors of a recently released primer, Implementing the Common Core State Standards: A Primer on Close Reading of Text. They examined the use of close reading as a key instructional approach for building students’ abilities to assess, evaluate, and synthesize information from text. Practitioner-leader Lynn Dougherty-Underwood from Hillsborough County Public Schools (Florida) discussed what integration of this instructional approach looks like in practice. Bob Wise, president of the Alliance and former governor of West Virginia, moderated the discussion.

DEBATING EDUCATION: Obama and Romney Promote Education Records, Importance of Education to the Economy and Public Safety During Final Debates Article

October 31, 2012

Although education was not a big topic during the final two presidential debates, both President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney linked education’s importance to the nation’s economy and public safety while promoting education reforms they support as president and governor, respectively.

The Role of Language and Literacy in College- and Career-Ready Standards: Rethinking Policy and Practice in Support of English Language Learners Report/Fact Sheet

October 31, 2012

This policy brief discusses these challenges, highlights initiatives and strategies to advance ELLs' language and content learning, and outlines how policy and practice must change to help ELLs graduate ready for college and a career.

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