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Using Data? Here’s What Might Surprise You Webinar/Event

September 17, 2013

Members of the Project 24 panel of experts will give insights into the surprises that they have encountered in their own journeys to better utilize data. Stephen Lazar, will talk about how data revealed some surprising facts—and how things are not always what they seem—in his New York high school. Jennifer Barnett will share some surprising facts about the tools she uses to integrate data into digital learning at her project-based school in Alabama. And Gail Pletnick will impart lessons she learned when her district developed its own integrated data system that includes assessment, teaching resources, and professional development. Gov. Bob Wise will moderate the discussion and panelists will address questions submitted by viewers from across the country. Register and submit questions for the webinar.

Back to School: Diving Into Digital Learning Webinar/Event

August 22, 2013

The Alliance held a webinar to kick off a new school year with a look at some ways to energize district efforts around digital learning. For this webinar, the Alliance used, for the first time, Google Hangouts On Air technology, showcasing one of the many innovative tools that are now available to educators.

Build Your People: Professional Learning That Creates a Teacher Workforce for the Digital Age Webinar/Event

May 23, 2013

The Alliance for Excellent Education held the seventh in its series of webinars for Project 24. This webinar looked at the role of ongoing professional learning for staff that can build the capacity to implement powerful personalized learning environments that prepare all students for college and a career.

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