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Building Strong Partnerships to Support Future Ready Schools

Building Strong Partnership to Support Future Ready Schools Guests Jerry Almendarez, Superintendent, Santa Ana School District (CA), @JerryAlmendarez Chip Slaven, Chief Advocacy Officer, National School Boards Association @NSBAPublicEd Mary Ann Wolf, Ph.D., Sr. Director of the Professional Learning and Leading Collaborative,The Friday Institute at NC State University @maryannwolfed, @FridayInstitute Moderator Thomas C. Murray, Director of […]

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A Whole-School Approach for Supporting English Language Learners

This webinar also will feature personal accounts from educators in Loudoun County (VA) Public Schools. The educators will share how they work with content area teachers to support ELL students across the curriculum and how they leverage the latest research and coaching techniques to support teachers.

The webinar guests will discuss the following questions:

Why is ExC-ELL a multitiered model of professional development for the whole school?
How do ESL and core-content teachers collaborate?
How can administrators support a whole-school approach for ELL students?
What does classroom instruction look like under a whole-school ELL model?

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Future Ready Librarians® Future-Proof Your School Library Budget: What to do if the cuts happen

During this webinar, you will learn smart ways to engage the community in the face of crisis, and how to get organized across a district. Join John Chrastka from EveryLibrary as he discusses ways to prevent potential problems and to proactively position yourself if they come. If there is a threat to your position or budget – or to other school libraries or librarians across your district – know how to mobilize people to help you fight back.

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Innovate! Every Classroom, Every Day with Digital Learning

On Digital Learning Day 2020, states, districts, and schools will show how innovation occurs in every classroom, every day, through the effective use of technology. To kick off this year’s celebration, we will take a behind the scenes look inside schools from around the county to show how educators are shifting their mindsets, leveraging technology as a tool for learning, and being empowered to reframe learning experiences each day.

Our hosts, Brianna Hodges, Adam Phyall, and Tom Murray will share and discuss the many success stories from schools and districts across the country. They will highlight innovative programs such as a statewide network that provides internet access for each student, effective one-to-one implementation, and examples of how schools break down barriers to ensure that each student has access to opportunities.

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Hearts and Minds: Building Capacity Around Social and Emotional Learning

In this webinar, four leaders and practitioners who are actively working to support the growth and development of SEL skills in schools discussed experiencing and applying research-based ideas and strategies to support SEL in their respective educational contexts.  The panelists were excited to share their insights and experiences.

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Standards of Equity and Excellence: School Improvement Under ESSA

On February 11, 202 The National Urban League and the Alliance for Excellent Education held a Webinar on Implementation of the Every Student Succeeds Act.  This webinar continued the discussion on how ESSA implementation is working – and not working – for historically underserved students. The National Urban League and the Alliance for Excellent Education hosted this webinar to discuss progress on school improvement.

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Innovation Includes Sustainability

Future Ready Superintendents Julie Mitchell and Marlon Styles both understand that innovation must include sustainability. As seasoned district leaders, they understand that sustaining innovative practices means districts must put a vision in place, incorporate professional learning, involve the local community, and ensure that the financial components add up. It’s not simply about dollars and cents. 

 In this webinar, our panelists will discuss 

evaluating the total costs of new initiatives; 
looking past costs and including aspects such as professional learning and staffing needs; 
including the community’s voice as a core component of the vision of sustainability; 
evaluating the performance and effectiveness of the initiative; and 
replicating lessons learned. 

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Dismantling the School-to-Prison Pipeline

As a part of the Alliance for Excellent Education’s ongoing #OurHopeOurChallenge campaign to focus on the continuing needs of students—no matter their race, zip code, or background—sixty-five years after Brown, this webinar will examine the role of educators and community leaders in preventing students from entering the school-to-prison pipeline.

Our expert panel of education and community leaders will discuss how influences both in and out of school can contribute to students being put on a trajectory to incarceration, as well as the policies and practices that can steer students back toward success, whether in schools, juvenile justice education facilities, or re-integration programs.

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Personal & Authentic: Designing Learning Experiences that Impact a Lifetime

“What will happen today that has your kids running back tomorrow?”

That’s just one of the thought-provoking questions best-selling author Thomas C. Murray asks in his latest book, Personal & Authentic: Designing Learning Experiences that Impact a Lifetime.

Join Tom and All4Ed President Deb Delisle in this webinar on how educators have the power to leave a legacy by:

making students’ learning experiences personal and authentic;
ensuring that the culture around you is personal and authentic;
developing and nurturing personal and authentic relationships; and
being personal and authentic.

The work is hard, but our kids are worth it!

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