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Too Many States Minimize Student Subgroup Performance in Accountability Systems

Using the data from All4Ed’s state ESSA Equity Dashboards, we find that most states are shirking their responsibilities around two of the most important provisions in the Every Student Succeeds Act for historically underserved groups of students: including student subgroups in school ratings and the definitions used to identify schools for targeted support. Is your state one of them?

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June 21, 2017

Publication | Accountability and Support, Every Student Succeeds Act

ESSA in the States: How Good is Your State’s Education Plan?

All4Ed’s ESSA Equity Dashboards use a red-yellow-green light–system to rate each state’s ESSA plan on several indicators, including long-term goals, accountability indicators, and school ratings.
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March 26, 2019

Publication | Accountability and Support, Every Student Succeeds Act

Screened Out? Some States May Underidentify Schools with Low-Performing Student Subgroups

ESSA allows states to name additional targeted support schools exclusively from those already selected for improvement, which may miss students who need support
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December 7, 2018

Publication | Accountability and Support, Data, Every Student Succeeds Act

Ensuring Every Student Matters What Is N-Size and Why Is It Important?

How do states set the minimum number of students needed to form a subgroup and what does that mean for monitoring outcomes of historically underserved students?
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Anne Hyslop

Director of Policy Development

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