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The Future of Data Is Here

When COVID-19 hit schools, no one fully anticipated the fallout that would ultimately ensue. March of 2020 turned so much of daily life upside down. Schools pivoted to get devices in the hands of students. Teachers learned overnight how to teach and interact in a remote setting. Parents scrambled to support their kids and avoid any gaps that could come as a result of missing traditional in-person instruction. Many states even canceled or postponed their standardized assessments that first year. In the course of two years since, the pandemic has affected students, families, and educators in so many ways and the full impact won’t be understood for years to come.

The pandemic also altered several ways that schools leverage data to support student learning, both in remote and in-person settings. When we think about how schools utilize data in particular, most use traditional data forms like annual state assessments, which may not be readily available or easy to disaggregate in a manner useful for student learning.

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