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Statement from Phillip Lovell, Associate Executive Director at All4Ed, on the Introduction of the Fast Track To and Through College Act

Contact: Enrique A. Chaurand


Phone: 816-825-1072

“We commend Senators Maggie Hassan and Todd Young for their leadership in introducing the Fast Track To and Through College Act, a transformative piece of legislation that promises to reshape the senior year of high school and pave the way for increased college completion while mitigating college costs.

Senior year is often plagued by “senioritis” for many students, but Fast Track offers innovative solutions to reinvigorate this crucial academic period. The bill proposes two Fast Track options, each designed to save students money and time on their way to and through postsecondary education. .

The first option aims to broaden access to advanced coursework, enabling students to graduate high school with their freshman year of college already completed. The potential savings are substantial—a 2-year degree condensed into just one year, and a 4-year degree completed in three years. The second option is targeted for students prepared to graduate at the end of 11th grade, allowing them to graduate early with a scholarship for postsecondary education.

Research underscores the significance of success in advanced coursework for postsecondary enrollment and completion. However, current access is marred by inequities. Fast Track addresses this by prioritizing funding for high-poverty school districts, setting goals for improved equity in access to advanced coursework, and expanding access for students from low-income families through the utilization of Federal Pell Grants.

These measures are particularly crucial in the aftermath of the pandemic. Freshman enrollment in postsecondary education for those 20 years old and younger has declined by more than 5% below pre-pandemic levels. A glaring 10 percentage point gap in immediate fall enrollment persists between schools with a high percentage of students of color and other high schools in 2022. Considering that over 70% of jobs will require postsecondary education by 2031, rectifying these disparities becomes paramount.

Fast Track represents a commendable effort to reshape our education system, creating a more equitable and efficient pathway to postsecondary success. All4Ed stands in strong support of this transformative legislation and looks forward to its positive impact on students nationwide.”