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Statement from Gov. Bob Wise on President Trump’s Education Budget

“I can understand why President Trump wanted to be overseas when he released a budget slashing education at home,” said Gov. Bob Wise.

WASHINGTON, DC—Yesterday, President Donald Trump released a Fiscal Year 2018 budget that would cut discretionary funding (excluding Pell Grants) for the U.S. Department of Education by $5.3 billion or 11.6 percent. Included in the cuts is a brand new bipartisan program created under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), the Student Support and Academic Enrichment (SSAE) grant program, which supports a well-rounded education for students; a safe and healthy school climate; and the effective use of schoolwide technology. In response, Bob Wise, president of the Alliance for Excellent Education and former governor of West Virginia, made the following statement:

“I can understand why President Trump wanted to be overseas when he released a budget slashing education at home. Still, I bet he could hear the outcry emanating from U.S. schools all the way in Rome.

“Thankfully, members of Congress are already signaling that Trump’s proposal will be parked—permanently—on the tarmac when he returns.

“Republicans and Democrats consolidated and eliminated several different programs to create the brand-new SSAE program and give flexibility to school leaders. Now the president’s budget removes the funding—and flexibility—designed to improve education.

“Instead of eliminating funding for the SSAE program, President Trump should take the advice of two key ESSA architects, former House Education and the Workforce Committee Chairman John Kline and U.S. Representative Bobby Scott who have urged that the program receive the full $1.65 billion for which it is eligible under ESSA.

“The Alliance for Excellent Education looks forward to working with Representative Scott, Senate education committee Chairman Lamar Alexander—who has also expressed support for the SSAE program—and other education leaders in Congress to ensure that the nation’s teachers and the students they educate have the resources and support they need to succeed.”


The Alliance for Excellent Education is a Washington, DC–based national policy, practice, and advocacy organization dedicated to ensuring that all students, particularly those traditionally underserved, graduate from high school ready for success in college, a career, and citizenship.