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Future Ready Schools and Microsoft Partner to Launch the Innovative Emerging Practices Guides for School and District Leaders

Contact: Enrique A. Chaurand
Phone: 816-825-1072

Washington DC – Future Ready Schools® (FRS), a leading national education organization, is excited to announce its partnership with Microsoft to introduce the groundbreaking Emerging Practices Guides for school and district leaders. These guides have been meticulously designed to provide “just in time” solutions to address the most pressing questions faced by educational leaders as they plan personalized instruction and navigate the ever-changing landscape of education.

The Emerging Practices Guides, developed in collaboration with Microsoft’s expertise and Future Ready Schools’ deep understanding of educational needs, offer profound insights into critical issues and present evidence-based emerging practices. These guides serve as a catalyst for innovation, showcasing the possibilities within the Future Ready Schools Framework’s seven gears.

In today’s dynamic educational environment, school and district leaders are in constant pursuit of reliable information and actionable strategies. The Emerging Practices Guides provide a comprehensive resource that equips educational leaders with attainable progress steps and evidence-based recommendations, enabling them to confidently implement personalized learning models and foster student success.

“We are incredibly excited about the partnership between Future Ready Schools and Microsoft to develop the Emerging Practices Guides for school and district leaders. These guides will provide invaluable support and practical solutions to address the ever-evolving challenges in education,” said All4Ed President and CEO, Deb Delisle. “By combining Microsoft’s technological expertise with Future Ready Schools’ commitment to empowering educators, we are confident this collaboration will drive meaningful change and help create future-ready schools for all students.”

The Emerging Practices Guides cover a wide range of critical issues, including:

“We are excited to collaborate with All4Ed to align the Future Ready Schools framework with Microsoft’s digital transformation resources and programs,” said Paige Johnson, Vice President Microsoft Education. “Our collective goal is to improve learning outcomes for all students, and these guides are designed to support U.S. school districts as they take the next steps in their digital transformation journey.”

The Emerging Practices Guides are available free of charge and can be accessed through the Future Ready Schools and Microsoft Education websites. For more information about Future Ready Schools or to access the guides, please visit