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All4Ed Unveils Comprehensive Series of Reports on College and Career Pathways

Contact: Enrique A. Chaurand


Phone: 816-825-1072

Washington, DC – Today All4Ed is pleased to announce the release of its Federal Pathways Agenda – “Pathways to Progress: A Federal Roadmap for College and Career Pathways” – the first in our upcoming series on College and Career Pathways, explores access to advanced coursework. The first report is titled “Opening Doors: Ensuring Access to Advanced Coursework in High Schools.

Rebeca Shackleford, Director of Federal Government Relations at All4Ed and author of the series, expressed the first report’s significance, saying, “Access to advanced coursework is a cornerstone of equitable education. This report aims to highlight the current landscape, challenges, and opportunities to ensure that every student has the chance to engage in high-quality, advanced learning experiences.”

Key Findings of the Report:

“Opening Doors: Ensuring Access to Advanced Coursework in High Schools” is part of a comprehensive collection of reports that delves into six key areas shaping the landscape of college and career readiness:

“The Pathways to Progress series aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted challenges and opportunities in our education system. Through these reports, we aim to empower educators and policymakers with the knowledge needed to create effective pathways for students, ensuring they are prepared for success in both college and careers,” stated Rebeca Shackleford. 

All4Ed extends its sincere gratitude to the Joyce Foundation for their generous support of this report. Their commitment to advancing educational equity and excellence has been instrumental in bringing this series to fruition.

To read the full report, please visit – Opening Doors: Ensuring Access to Advanced Coursework in High Schools