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All4Ed Launches State Policy Center to Advance Educational Equity

The center will serve as a repository of model legislation and policy resources, incorporating real-world examples and research from the field with the experiences and voices of superintendents and educators.

Contact: Enrique A. Chaurand


Phone: 816-825-1072

Washington, DC — All4Ed proudly announces the launch of its State Policy Center, a groundbreaking initiative focused on advancing educational equity and providing vital support to state policymakers and advocates. This significant step builds on All4Ed’s unwavering commitment to delivering impactful education policies that benefit all students, from the classroom to Congress.

All4Ed has a longstanding legacy of successfully translating innovative ideas into legislation, and its dedication to educational equity has been at the heart of its mission for years. The organization’s strong connections with district and school leaders through the Future Ready Schools Network and extensive experience in providing state-focused technical assistance have positioned it as a leader in the field of education policy.

Jenn Ellis, Director of State Government Relations at All4Ed, expressed the organization’s enthusiasm for this new endeavor, saying, “Our State Policy Center recognizes the advocacy power of state-based organizations, advocates, and policymakers to address national problems. We understand that many state lawmakers split their time between legislative work and other occupations, often with limited staff resources. Our State Policy Center aims to bridge these gaps and provide invaluable assistance to meet their policy needs.”

Key Features of the State Policy Center Include:

The State Policy Center will serve as a dynamic repository, growing year by year to reflect real-world examples and case studies pulled directly from the policy field. It will also incorporate the experiences and voices of superintendents, educators, and students.

The State Policy Center will launch with a focus on three key areas:

  1. College and Career Pathways: Creating opportunities for students to graduate high school prepared for success in higher education.  
  2. Digital Equity: Addressing the digital divide and ensuring equitable access to technology and connectivity.
  3. Next Generation Accountability: Ensuring accountability systems focus on equity, provide support for school improvement, and measure what matters. Focusing on accountability measures that promote student growth, achievement, and equity.

Advocacy groups and policymakers can contact All4Ed directly for technical assistance in drafting legislation and implementing policy recommendations in their home states.

As the educational landscape continues to evolve, All4Ed remains dedicated to its mission of ensuring that every student has access to a high-quality education. The launch of the State Policy Center represents a significant step toward achieving that vision.

To learn more about All4Ed’s State Policy Center, visit