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Report: 16.9M students still lack home internet access

July 24, 2020
Source: Education Dive

The increasingly digital nature of classroom resources and assignments over the last two decades has fed the phenomena now known as the homework gap, which results from students who lack home...

How much money is needed to connect how many students?

July 24, 2020
Source: District Administration

The digital “homework gap” in online learning is wider than has been previously estimated, with one-third of Black, Latino and American Indian/Alaska Native students lacking high-speed home...

The GOP wants to give $105 billion to schools in the next coronavirus stimulus bill — but it’s unclear whether it’ll be tied to reopening

July 24, 2020
Source: Markets Insider

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said that the next coronavirus stimulus package will focus on “kids, jobs, and healthcare” — and it “will send $105 billion so that...

1 in 3 American Indian, Black, and Latino Children Fall Into Digital Divide, Study Says

July 24, 2020
Source: Education Week

The decision by a rising number of school districts to start a new year with remote-only learning during the pandemic could disadvantage millions of students, and children of color in particular,...

Minority Kids’ Homework Gap

July 24, 2020
Source: Bloomberg

With 17 million U.S. students lacking home internet, and 7 million without computer access, Congress’ next stimulus bill will cost about $6.8 billion to allow for online classes this fall.

Minority Kids’ Homework Gap Said to Require $7 Billion to Close

July 24, 2020
Source: Bloomberg

Congress must provide billions of dollars in new money for home internet access and computers to reach many students online as several major cities rebuff White House pressure to reopen schools this...

Recent school changes in Louisiana win praise, but top classrooms still have sharp racial split

January 22, 2020
Source: The Advocate

Louisiana is doing a better job than most states in letting parents know how public schools are performing in the wake of a federal law that sparked major changes, a national review released...

Maryland’s 2019 Blue Ribbon winners include schools in Baltimore, Carroll and Howard counties

December 10, 2019
Source: The Baltimore Sun

Six Maryland schools, including one each in Baltimore, Carroll and Howard, were named Maryland Blue Ribbon Schools on Tuesday morning at the Annapolis State House. The designation is given to the...

Turning Four This Month, the Every Student Succeeds Act Is Hailed as a Victory for State Control of Education Policy. And, Critics Say, That’s Part of the Problem

December 09, 2019
Source: The 74

When the Every Student Succeeds Act became law four years ago, it was hailed as a bipartisan example of reasoned policymaking, successfully threading the needle between protecting students’ civil...

Education Expert: Higher Graduation Rates Help Everyone

December 07, 2019
Source: WHMI

A national expert in education is sharing information on how higher graduation rates can benefit more than just students in Livingston County and across the state.

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