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The Storms Are Coming! Let’s Normalize Them! (with Dr. Donya Ball)

Superintendent Dr. Donya Ball (@SuptDonya) emphasizes the importance of normalizing the “storms” of leadership, building a culture of work-life balance, and fostering curiosity and open-mindedness among educators to overcome challenges and drive positive change. You won’t want to miss this incredible episode of the LTUT podcast!

Dr. Ball will address:
– How can school and district leaders effectively navigate the “storms” of leadership?
– What strategies does Dr. Ball recommend for maintaining work-life balance as a female superintendent?
– How can leaders cultivate a culture of curiosity and open-mindedness among their teams?

Dr. Donya BallSuperintendent, The Academies (CA)
X – @SuptDonya
IG – @Dr__D__

Host: Thomas C. Murray
Director of Innovation
Future Ready Schools
Washington, DC
Twitter: @thomascmurray

Audio Credit: MB01GN29HGUXKKK

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