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Life Changing Learning (with Dr. David Law)

Superintendent Dr. David Law emphasizes the importance of creating a child-centered, empowering, and innovative learning environment that celebrates excellence, fosters experiential learning, and empowers both students and staff.

Check out Episode 4 of Season 6 to learn:

  • How does Minnetonka Public Schools promote experiential learning and prepare students for the real world?
  • What strategies does Superintendent David Law use to empower and support his staff?
  • How does Minnetonka Public Schools foster a sense of belonging and community among students and families?

Dr. David Law, Superintendent, Minnetonka Public Schools (MN) & AASA President-Elect

X – @DLawSuper
Facebook: @minnetonkaschools
Instagram: @mntkaschools
X: @TonkaSchools

Host: Thomas C. Murray
Director of Innovation
Future Ready Schools
Washington, DC
Twitter: @thomascmurray

Audio Credit: MB01GN29HGUXKKK

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