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Learning Through Uncertainty

The process, practice, and progress of learning remain deeply personal and individualized experiences. We’ve spent the better part of the past 200 years attempting to systematize education and, despite our good intentions, 2020 helped us clearly see that while each day brings a multitude of uncertainties,

Future Ready leaders are leaning into these opportunities, leading necessary changes to address inequities, and learning through uncertainty.
We’ve never experienced shifts in teaching and learning quite like those happening now.

Hear from the nation’s top instructional leaders as they share their expertise, advice, and experience reimagining teaching and learning to better suit today’s learners with tomorrow’s techniques to become our future’s greatest assets.
Together, we’ll reimagine possibilities, renew communities, and reinvigorate pedagogical practices.

Together, we’re better. Together, we’re Future Ready.

Flexibility & Resilience (with Kirk Koennecke)

When the pandemic hit, the administration in Indian Hill School District, just outside Cincinnati, Ohio, chose to see obstacles as opportunities. Led by Superintendent Kirk Koennecke (@ihsuperbrave), the team redesigned a variety of student experiences, not just for during the pandemic, but beyond. You won’t want to miss this podcast as Superintendent Koennecke shares the district’s transformation during the pandemic, and lessons learned for being even better for students moving forward!


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