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How to Personalize the Experience (with Nicki Slaugh & Eric Sheninger)

In the final episode of Season 6 of Leading Through Unprecedented Times, Nicki Slaugh and Eric Sheninger discuss strategies for personalizing education to better meet the needs of each learner. The guests dive deep into the importance of a dynamic partnership between teachers and students, where learning is tailored to each student’s strengths, interests, and needs.
Their approach aims to foster a more engaging and effective learning environment, moving away from one-size-fits-all methods. Nicki Slaugh shares insights from her experience as a middle school principal, highlighting the impact of personalized learning on student outcomes. Eric Sheninger, an award-winning educator and author, complements this with examples from his work in various educational settings, illustrating how personalized learning can be implemented on a larger scale. Together, they provide practical advice and actionable steps for educators looking to adopt personalized learning strategies in their own classrooms.

Listen to this episode to learn:
– The need for dynamic partnerships between teachers and students for effective personalized learning.
– The importance of tailoring learning experiences to individual students’ strengths, interests, and needs.
– Practical examples and strategies for implementing personalized learning in different educational settings.
– The positive impact of personalized learning on student engagement and outcomes.

Nicki Slaugh, Principal, Quest Academy (UT)

Eric Sheninger, Award-winning educator and CEO, Aspire Change EDU
Personalize (the book) –

Host: Thomas C. Murray
Director of Innovation
Future Ready Schools
Washington, DC
Twitter: @thomascmurray

Audio Credit: MB01GN29HGUXKKK

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