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Amplify Voices: Increasing Access to Diverse Books with Visual Book Lists and Free Book Fairs

In this episode Melissa Corey, Library Media Specialist at Robidoux Middle School in St. Joseph, Missouri, and the recipient of the “I Love Libraries” Award from the American Library Association. Melissa discusses the vital role of providing students access to a diverse range of books, especially in today’s environment. She emphasizes the importance of students being able to see themselves reflected in their reading materials—like looking into mirrors, through windows, and stepping through sliding glass doors into other people’s lives. The podcast highlights two of Melissa’s key projects: Visual Book Lists and Novel Nation Book Fairs. Visual Book Lists offer easy-to-navigate, themed collections of books that include works by diverse authors.

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Melissa Corey

Twitter: @melissacorey
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Bluesky: @melissacorey
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