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Ally McCraw

Website and Social Media Manager, All4Ed

Ally McCraw (she/her) is the Social Media and Website manager at All4Ed. She joins All4Ed with over 10 years of experience focusing in graphic design, social media, marketing, and apparel. Born and raised in the D.C. metro area, Ally’s commitment to uplifting and spreading the message of educational equity and social justice comes from her first-hand experience growing up in the area with all walks of life and wanting equality for all.

Ally started her career as an assistant designer in the New York fashion industry, but quickly realized she was a part of a global problem. Wanting to find a change she shifted her career to graphic design and marketing where she helped small businesses grow. She now has worked with small independently owned businesses all the way to fortune 100 companies. During this time, she found her love for social media and marketing and realized how she could use her creativity to help others.

Wanting to find a way to use her creative talents for good, Ally recently joined the All4Ed Communications team to help spread awareness and the core values that the organization holds. She manages all social media profiles, the All4Ed website, and provides support on design efforts for the organization. She holds a B.A. in design from Radford University.