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Straight A’s: Public Education Policy and Progress: Volume 15, No. 15

Straight A’s: Public Education Policy and Progress is a free biweekly newsletter that focuses on education news and events in Washington, DC, and around the country.

The format makes information on federal education policy accessible to everyone from elected officials and policymakers to parents and community leaders. Contributors include Jason Amos, editor; Ariana Witt; and Kate Bradley. To receive a free subscription to Straight A’s, visit here and add your name to our mailing list.

Editor’s Note: With schools around the country out for summer and the U.S. Congress entering its August recess, the Alliance newsletter—although not the Alliance staff—will be taking a brief summer vacation. The next issue of Straight A’s will be on September 14. In the meantime, please follow the Alliance on Twitter and visit the Alliance’s “High School Soup” blog for the latest education news. Also, keep an eye on the Alliance’s website for upcoming webinars.