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Unleashing the Potential of Student Learning: Exploring the Future Ready Emerging Practices Guides

Event Details

August 8, 2023
2:00-3:00 PM

We’ve brought you a FRS webinar that showcases our newly released Emerging Practices guides. These guides provide school and district leaders with invaluable insights and practical solutions to address the ever-evolving challenges in education.

The guides are designed to provide “just in time” solutions to the most pressing questions that school and district leaders face as they plan personalized instruction and navigate the ever-changing education landscape. They offer deep insights into critical issues and evidence-based emerging practices, showcasing the possibilities for innovation within the Future Ready Framework. 

With a focus on fostering collaborative leadership and building a positive culture that supports innovation, the guides also provide attainable progress steps for school and district leaders. By incorporating these steps into their practices, leaders can cultivate a climate of continuous improvement and facilitate the transformation of their educational systems. 

In addition to highlighting emerging practices, the guides also address the need for critical training and resources on innovation, excellence, and equity in system redesign. They equip educational leaders with the knowledge and tools necessary to drive positive change in their schools and districts, ensuring that all students have equal opportunities to thrive.

While watching this webinar, you will:

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A special thanks for Microsoft for supporting this event.