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Reducing Special Educator Stress and Burnout

Event Details

April 7, 2022
2:00-2:45 PM

The pandemic has forced us to reflect, reframe, and reprioritize much of everyday life, and for educators, it has brought a refocus on the human side of the work. We know that relationships are the foundation of effective practices and that students and teachers have encountered many unexpected challenges for over two straight years. From coast to coast, teachers have expressed high levels of stress, anxiety, and have been leaving the profession at an alarming rate. This past January, the National Education Association (NEA) surveyed its members and uncovered:

In special education, those feelings and numbers are even more daunting. Yet, faced with the realities of the pandemic, many districts have been working to implement new, innovative approaches to supporting the health, well-being, and success of both teachers and students. Join us for this interactive webinar to see what some districts are doing to help special education teams! 

During this webinar the guests will address:



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