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News Literacy: Identifying Fact from Fiction

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February 23, 2021

Teaching students about the difference between fact and fiction is more important than ever. As students continue to learn from home they have a wealth of information at their finger tips. Future Ready Librarians®, instructional leaders, and all educators need to be intentional about teaching and modeling news literacy skills.

According to Common Sense Media, news literacy is “recognizing that quality, credible, independent news and journalism are critical components of any free and democratic society. News and politics have been reshaped by social media and 24-hours news entertainment. As a result, there’s a lot of crossover between what we think of as news literacy, media literacy, and digital citizenship.”

Our guests are expert librarians who are helping students identify fact from fiction. Tom Bober is author of Building News Literacy: Lessons for Teaching Critical Thinking Skills in Elementary and Middle Schools and Michelle Luhtala co-authored News Literacy: The Keys to Combating Fake News.

During the webinar, the guests discussed how to

For questions about the webinar, contact Lia Dossin.

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