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Supporting Exceptional Students Through Student-Centered Learning Strategies

In our recent Future Ready webinar,  Supporting Exceptional Students Through Student-Centered Learning Strategies, sponsored by All Covered a division of Konica Minolta,  Leslie DiChiara, Sharon Plante, and Ace Parsi shared their expertise on the unique approaches educators and leaders can apply to ensure that students with disabilities have the resources they need to engage in personalized student-centered learning. Leslie and Sharon both bring expertise from their work supporting general education and special education teachers while Ace shared his knowledge on policies and procedures that are designed to support equitable opportunities for students with disabilities with it comes to technology enhanced learning. Avril Smart Goggans, moderated the conversation, touching on various aspects of student-centered learning from different instructional approaches designed to address the distinct learning needs of students with disabilities to using Universal Design for Learning. Each panelist offered very pointed recommendations with equity at the center and ended the conversation with words of encouragement to teachers currently doing all they can to support student during remote learning. The webinar was an excellent primer for educators and leaders to begin a deep dive into how to best support exceptional students with instructional approaches that are designed with their abilities in mind.

Key Takeaways:

For more on our conversation, please check out the full webinar below!

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