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March into SEL Success: Five Lessons from The Achievery for Student Empowerment

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Before you begin, be sure to sign up for a FREE Achievery account! The Achievery is a free and safe online learning platform created by AT&T to provide K-12 students with engaging and entertaining videos paired with educational activities.

March is the perfect time for our young people to practice and learn skills that support academic success, healthy relationships, future careers, civil engagement and so much more. We, as educators and caregivers, need to find ways to bring our schools, communities and families together to support every child through social and emotional learning. They need caring relationships, trust and support to grow, learn and thrive, which needs to be the goal of all teachers, each and every day.

One place we can go to find wonderful SEL activities and resources for educators is The Achievery. The Achievery, a free online digital learning platform, offers a wide variety of SEL activities and resources for educators.  The SEL themes The Achievery focuses on are: Self Awareness, Self Management, Responsible Decision Making, Relationship Skills and Social Awareness. Within each of these categories includes several activities geared toward every grade level. 

Here are a few SEL activities from The Achievery to get you started! 

The Value of Kindness.  In this activity created by Cyber Civics, learn how to spread kindness online and off. 

Stronger in Community  In this activity created by Weird Enough Productions, learn about the dynamics of relationships so that you can build healthier relationships in your life. 

Connecting with Kindness In this lesson created by Common Sense Media, learn some useful tips to navigate digital drama and connect with kindness.

Turning Setbacks Into Strengths In this lesson created by Roadtrip Nation,  learn how other people have turned their setbacks into their strengths. It will help you apply a strengths lens to your own life and celebrate your strengths. 

Friendship Building In this learning unit created by Warner Brothers, students work through three stackable lessons and corresponding exercises focusing on confronting our enemies and building friendships.

Create your free account today and check out some of the great resources from The Achievery!

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