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Learn STEM Skills Through Basketball With The Achievery

It’s time for our Book Madness 2024 that goes right along with the 2024 March Madness basketball tournament.  You can read all about our and find these templates here.

Did you know that The Achievery has over 20 learning units that feature Basketball, STEM, Science, Data and much, much more!

Check out all these great lessons and videos from Learn Fresh.

Learn Fresh is an education non-profit that inspires students’ STEM and social-emotional learning through sports and entertainment. Their programs have engaged nearly one million students through partnerships with the NBA, WNBA, MLBPA, and MLS.

These unit are a perfect way to integrate learning into your students’ March Madness excitment. 

There are units focused around math and science for all grade levels. 

With each lesson, there is an engaging video and…

….fun lesson plan that teaches all kinds of STEM concepts. 

We are excited to use these Learn Fresh units for during our Book Madness, and all throughout the year. Our learners will love these! 

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Shannon McClintock Miller, Future Ready Librarian Spokesperson, District Teacher Librarian Innovation Director, Van Meter Community School (IA), (@shannonmmiller)