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Five Ways Technology Can Transform Classrooms


Technology is a powerful tool that, when paired with good instruction, can transform classrooms. Don’t believe us? Take it from the thousands of educators and students who celebrated on Digital Learning Day (DLDay) on February 28.

For the eighth annual DLDay, more than 2,300 classrooms, schools, libraries, and districts held events to showcase how technology and teaching can improve student learning. These celebrations demonstrated that technology can…

1. Bring lessons to life

Instead of your basic history lesson on the Alamo, why not put students in the driver’s seat? That’s how students at Point Isabel Independent School District in Texas, celebrated DLDay, by taking a virtual tour of the Alamo Battlefield. Students partnered together to walk through history and hear from experts.

Sending students to outer space isn’t an option, but a high school astronomy class in Orlando spent DLDay with a galactic view. Students at University High School in Orlando, Florida, analyzed photos they took using the NASA EarthKAM on the International Space Station! The high schoolers examined the photos of Earth to get a closer look at and better understand our planet.


2. Help students gain ownership of their learning

Giving students the tools to direct their own learning by setting goals, recording their progress, and identifying areas for growth is a great way to help them become life-long learners. On DLDay, students used digital tools to measure their progress and meet goals.

Students in Community Consolidated School District 54 in Illinois integrated digital and traditional strategies to help them read and process texts to meet their independent reading goals.


3. Build connections 

Using digital tools can be a great way to promote collaboration. On DLDay, students worked together to solve problems, partnered up on projects, and built new relationships with their peers and mentors.

Fifth graders offered a helping hand to their second-grade buddies in Jefferson County Public Schools in Louisville, Kentucky, to help them create a comic strip about Dr. Seuss books.

In a STEM class at Hanover High School in Mechanicsville, Virginia, engineering students worked together to build and program rovers to complete an obstacle course.

Students visited the library at Dover High School to spend time working together on a project.


4. Inspire innovation

DLDay is always a great opportunity to see how innovative classrooms can inspire incredible creativity in students, with support from their teachers. From designing robots to mastering coding and even 3D printing new inventions, innovation shines on DLDay.

At Mountain View Elementary School in West Virginia, broadcast journalist Jessica Fuller witnessed students using coding to direct the trajectory of racing spheres.

Blake, a student in Lakota Local School District, created a model of himself using 3D printing and photography.

Students at Liberty Middle School in Ashland, Virginia used online and hands-on experiments to explore electrical currents.


5. Prepare students for life

Researching potential career opportunities and learning how to apply for jobs is great preparation for the future. On DLDay, students used technology to hone these key life skills.

High school seniors at Sun Valley High School in Aston, Pennsylvania spent DLDay constructing resumes, peering editing cover letters, and practicing interviews in preparation for the big day!

At Ridgeway High School in Hernando, Mississippi, students explored careers in IT and business communications.


Wondering How You Can Lead Innovation and Change?  

For digital learning to thrive, school and district leaders need to create conditions that empower teachers to take risks and try new things.   But there’s also a critical role for librarians, instructional coaches, and teachers, who can lead this innovation through collaboration.

Learn more during these two DLDay webinars hosted by All4Ed and Future Ready Schools®.


Final DLDay Thoughts

And lastly, as we close out DLDay 2019 and look ahead to next year, remember these wise words from Heather, a personalized digital learning specialist for Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools in North Carolina.


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