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Digital Learning Day Is Turning Ten!


Now, more than ever, digital learning is no longer confined to a school or classroom. Instead, learning is mobile and should be available to students anytime and anywhere. As we prepare for Digital Learning Day’s (DLDay’s) tenth birthday on February 25, 2021, the Alliance for Excellent Education (All4Ed) invites educators to join our Future Ready Schools® (FRS) DLDay network because together we’re better, together we’re future ready.  

When All4Ed started DLDay, many districts, schools, and educators felt uncertain about the role digital learning could play in their classrooms. Now, almost ten years later, digital learning has become a lifeline as districts leverage high-quality research-based strategies to teach students remotely and in hybrid environments during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Admittedly, current circumstances are not ideal. Nonetheless, they offer district, school, and classroom leaders an opportunity to transform the policies and daily practices that guide teaching and learning. Through collaborative leadership, educators are redesigning the school experience and delivering on digital learning’s potential.  

As we mark DLDay’s tenth anniversary, we are leveraging All4Ed’s FRS network to celebrate successes, acknowledge challenges, and share stories of educators overcoming adversity. Much has changed since the last DLDay, so we are embracing new ways to celebrate.

Each month, we will share a series of theme-based challenges designed to connect you with fellow educators and highlight your stories on social media. Although the challenges aren’t required, they help us build community during this time of social distancing. Plus, participants have the chance to win prizes! Check out our upcoming monthly themes:

Now, with less than three months until DLDay 2021, we kicked off our celebration this week. Here’s how you can join the fun:

  1. Visit to join the FRS DLDay network.
  2. Explore the DLDay network members’ only page and download the custom DLDay network badge, Facebook profile frame, and graphics to share on social media.
  3. Invite ten of your colleagues to join the network. 
  4. Share your membership on Twitter and Facebook to spread the word.

This school year is unlike any that students and teachers have experienced previously. But by working together, we still can connect, share, and grow as a community of educators to ensure every day is a high-quality, engaging, exciting, and interactive digital learning day!

Join the FRS DLDay network today!

Kristen Loschert is All4Ed’s editorial director. Follow her on Twitter @KLoschert.