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All4Ed Flash: U.S. Department of Education unveils the NETP and Announces Support for Career Connected High School Programs


Today, we’ve got two major announcements that are shaping the future of education.

Let’s dive in!

Recently the U.S. Department of Education has unveiled the 2024 National Education Technology Plan (NETP), which frames three key divides limiting the transformational potential of educational technology to support teaching and learning, including:

But the NETP isn’t just any plan; it’s also result of collaboration and insights from the field.

All4Ed’s Future Ready Schools network, in partnership with the U.S. Department of Education, facilitated essential listening sessions with school district leaders nationwide.

These sessions provided an invaluable opportunity to gather insights and perspectives from the field, ensuring that the NETP is firmly rooted in the realities faced by school and district leaders.

Sara White Hall, VP of Innovation and Networks at All4Ed said – “The NETP reflects the importance of a strong education technology system and the pivotal role teachers play in the educational experiences of our young people.”

The Future Ready Framework championed by All4Ed aligns seamlessly with the NETP’s three pillars, reinforcing our commitment to fostering a future-ready education system.

In addition to the release of the NETP, the Biden-Harris Administration announced they are investing $25 million in grants for Career Connected High Schools (CCHS) – the Department of Education’s (Department) first program focused on college and career pathways.

This investment builds the capacity of education and workforce systems to partner with business and industry, to develop new high-quality career-connected high school programs for more students.

U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona has a powerful message about this investment — “President Biden understands that it’s time to invest in career-connected learning that will better prepare our young people for exciting careers.”

All4Ed supports high-quality college and career pathways that bring together districts, colleges and universities, and employers to prepare young people for high-skill, high-wage careers. The Department is awarding grants in 16 states to partnerships that will expand postsecondary education and career guidance; access to dual enrollment; work-based learning; and industry-recognized credentials.
We applaud the administration for this effort and call on Congress to continue funding for this important program.
To read more about All4Ed’s research on College and Career Pathways, visit us at

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