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All4Ed Flash: Exciting Update – The Indiana College Core is headed to Governor Eric Holcomb’s desk

Hello and welcome to the All4Ed Flash where we are cutting through the noise to bring you the latest on education policy news.  My name is Rebeca Shackelford.

This week, we turn our attention back to the “Indiana College Core” highlighted in a previous All4ED flash episode. We come to you today with some exciting news, the sweeping legislation intended to make college credits and degrees easier for students to earn is headed to the Governor’s desk. Senate bill 8, authored by Sen, Jean Leising, will require all Indiana high schools – public and private to offer the college core, a block of 30 general education credits that can be transferred to and accepted at colleges across the state..

By mandating that all Indiana high schools offer the college core, Senate Bill 8 aims to standardize the coursework that students complete before entering college. This facilitates the seamless transfer of credits earned in high school to colleges and universities, thereby reducing the likelihood that students will need to repeat coursework they have already completed. The legislation also addresses the evolving landscape of high school education, where more students are increasingly taking classes that align with college-level coursework. As the number of students participating in dual enrollment programs and other accelerated learning opportunities continues to rise, the need for a robust credit transfer system becomes paramount.

Without standardized general education credits, students transferring may find that their coursework does not align with the requirements of their new institution. This could result in the need to repeat coursework that they have already completed, a challenge many students face when transferring from one institution to another.

Given the frequency of credit transfer loss, many states are pushing for legislation that makes credit transfer more transparent. Senate Bill 164 in Colorado, which is currently in committee hearings, much like Senate Bill 8 in Indiana, aims to address issues related to credit transferability and student mobility within the education system. Senate Bill 164 aims to improve transparency and standardization in Colorado’s transfer system. By requiring schools to inform students about which of their credits transfer, the bill also gives students the right to appeal if an institution decides that their credits won’t transfer.

We will keep you updated as states across the nation continue to make these vital changes.

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