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Everyday Social-Emotional Learning Practices That Make A Difference

As we embark on the three-year mark of when our world changed forever, there is still an eminence sense of flux responding to the loss of instructional opportunities compounded by the vast emotional needs of students, teachers, and the communities that are still healing from the impacts of the pandemic. Teaching looks different. Learning looks different. Communities look different.

The pandemic has amplified the fact that every school must put the social-emotional health and well-being of students and staff at the core of what they do each day. With the impacts of the pandemic still being felt, and with what’s been reinforced about how teaching and learning goes far beyond the curriculum, having a systemic school and community-wide social emotional learning (SEL) approach is no longer a nice to have; it’s a foundational key to success.

This discussion featured Tullahoma City Schools (TN) Principal Mary Gilbert and three of her dynamic teachers who proved that collaboration among staff members, students, and the community can ensure long-term program sustainability, success, and growth for all.

During this webinar, our guest panelists shared how they lead these efforts in their school. They discussed:



This webinar is supported by our partners at National University.