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Joint Statement from Equity-Minded Civil Rights, Education, & Immigration Advocates on Proposed Title IX Regulations

“In the fifty years since its enactment, Title IX has provided access to education, scholarships, and athletics for women and girls, as well as essential protections for students against sexual discrimination and harassment. Still, far too many students—especially students who identify as LGBTQI+—continue to experience harmful, and illegal, sex discrimination in school. As equity-oriented civil rights, education, and immigration organizations, we know that the proposed Title IX rule is a critical step toward fulfilling the law’s promise to secure the rights and dignity of all students. We applaud the Biden administration’s commitment to ensuring schools are welcoming, affirming, and safe places for all students and, in particular, for affirming the rights of pregnant and parenting students and LGBTQI+ students to learn in environments free of discrimination, including discrimination based on pregnancy status, sexual orientation, sex stereotypes, and gender identity. In addition, we urge the Biden administration to act quickly to also affirm the ability of transgender students to fully participate in sports programs. We look forward to working with the Biden administration to finalize and strengthen the proposed rule.”



Center for American Progress

Education Reform Now

National Center for Learning Disabilities

National Urban League

SchoolHouse Connection

The Education Trust