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Celebrating Ten Years of Digital Learning Day! Overcoming Adversity With Resilience and Hope for the Future

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February 25, 2021

Ten years ago, the policy landscape for digital learning was uncertain. Only a decade ago, many educators and the public had yet to realize the potential that access to and the effective use of technology can have to close equity gaps and personalize instruction for students.

Flashback to only twelve months ago—with campus and classroom doors closed, most educators were uncertain of how they would meet the diverse needs of students, from providing meals to ensuring students had home internet access and devices so learning could happen anywhere, anytime. Yet, once again, educators rose to the challenge.

Together, we’ll reflect on many of the changes from the past twelve months and celebrate ten years of Digital Learning Day (DLDay)! Together, we will visit classrooms, schools, and districts around the country (virtually of course) and witness the power that comes when educators combine a growth mindset with perseverance, innovation, and collaborative leadership.

We will begin in our nation’s capital to reflect and learn more about the actions federal and state leaders have taken, and those on the horizon, to ensure all students have access to learning, regardless of the zip code they call home.

We’ll then journey north, east, south, and west to hear stories from teachers, principals, and superintendents who adapted quickly and adopted new innovative learning opportunities to support personalized learning for students both inside and outside the school building.

Looking around and visioning forward, we’ve all found ourselves in, quite literally, new territory. Learning no longer looks the same, and we can’t go back to the systems and structures of the past. As we move to the future, we will reimagine learning and inspire transformative instructional practices. The roads ahead may twist and turn, but educators will continue this important work with newfound resolve and resiliency.