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Future Ready Librarians: Exploring Equitable Digital Access

In this webinar, panelists will discuss how school library programs help ensure that students have equitable digital access. School librarians are supporters and advocates for equitable access to collections tools using digital resources, programming, and services that support the school district’s strategic vision.

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How States and School District Leaders Can Assess Deeper Learning

Featuring the New Hampshire State Department of Education and the Center for Innovation and Education, this webinar focuses on opportunities in the Every Student Succeeds Act to advance deeper learning assessment and how New Hampshire’s approach to assessment advances deeper learning and promotes student agency.

Categories: Deeper Learning, Every Student Succeeds Act


Amplify: Digital Teaching and Learning in the K–6 Classroom

In this webinar, panelists will look through a lens of pedagogy and identify new opportunities to confer, inform, and offer feedback to position kids and teachers in a place where anything is possible. Join Kristin and Tom as they share stories, suggest strategies, and ask questions that will help viewers empower school communities for today and beyond.

Categories: Digital Learning and Future Ready Schools, Future Ready


Hacking Leadership

Hacking leadership is about finding innovative solutions to issues that have plagued the system for years and implementing them tomorrow. The focus is on practical application. Problems exist, but knowledge of problems does not make daily life in schools easier. In this webinar, panelists offered tools that you and your team can use to find openings and create space for those you lead. Space to learn. Space to teach. Space to thrive.

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Building Competencies for Careers: Preparing Students for Twenty-First-Century Jobs

This webinar, cohosted by the Alliance for Excellent Education, Center on Education Policy (CEP), and Council for a Strong America, featured a new research report from CEP on the most valuable skills and competencies required for more than 300 occupations nationwide. It also examined the role that external partners, including business, higher education, and community organizations, can play in helping students develop expertise in the field to supplement the academic content and learning that takes place in schools.

Categories: College- and Career-Ready Standards, Deeper Learning, Economic Impacts


Designing Collaborative Spaces

This webinar examined how librarians can design, support, and champion collaborative and flexible spaces that promote inquiry, creativity, collaboration and community. Carolyn Foote and Andy Plemmons shared how they designed library spaces with flexibility and student learning at the center. They shared stories, examples, and pushed viewers to make changes and embrace library spaces and communities as Future Ready Librarians too.

Categories: Future Ready


Paper Thin? Why All High School Diplomas Are Not Created Equal

This webinar focused on a new report from the Alliance for Excellent Education, “Paper Thin? Why All High School Diplomas Are Not Created Equal.” The report analyzes the degree to which traditionally underserved students graduate from high school having earned a college- and career-ready diploma in comparison with their peers for the Class of 2014. The analysis reveals that while many states offer students multiple pathways to a diploma, not all pathways align with college- and career-ready expectations.

Categories: College- and Career-Ready Standards, High School Graduation Rates and Secondary School Improvement, High School Reform


Deeper Learning in ESSA Implementation and School Intervention

The Alliance for Excellent Education, National Conference of State Legislators, and National Association of State Boards of Education convened state legislators, state education board chairs, state education agency leaders, and governors’ education advisors to discuss the status of the implementation of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) in states. Archived video from the event is available.

Categories: Deeper Learning, Every Student Succeeds Act
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Communications Planning for Innovation in Education: New Guide and District Profiles

Future Ready Schools® Invites You to a Participate in a Webinar Communications Planning for Innovation in Education: New Guide and District Profiles Panelists Katie Malovec, Instructional Educator Effectiveness Coach, Racine Unified School District (WI) Janice Vargo, Associate Partner, Education Elements Sharice Walker, Community and Public Relations Director, Fairbanks North Star Borough School District (AK) Moderator […]

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Hacking Project Based Learning

This webinar focused on demystifying project based learning. Ross Cooper and Erin Murphy will introduce ten hacks that construct a simple path educators and students can easily follow to achieve success. Speakers elaborated on these frequently asked questions:

How can a learning space that promotes risk-taking and lends itself to inquiry be developed?
What needs to be done to create a vision for a project?
How can student learning be assessed and guided?
How can students share their work outside their classroom’s walls?

Panelists shared strategies and resources for implementing and leading project based learning, and they addressed questions submitted by viewers from across the nation.

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