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Dismantling the School-to-Prison Pipeline

As a part of the Alliance for Excellent Education’s ongoing #OurHopeOurChallenge campaign to focus on the continuing needs of students—no matter their race, zip code, or background—sixty-five years after Brown, this webinar will examine the role of educators and community leaders in preventing students from entering the school-to-prison pipeline.

Our expert panel of education and community leaders will discuss how influences both in and out of school can contribute to students being put on a trajectory to incarceration, as well as the policies and practices that can steer students back toward success, whether in schools, juvenile justice education facilities, or re-integration programs.

Categories: #OurChallengeOurHope, Brown vs. Board


Personal & Authentic: Designing Learning Experiences that Impact a Lifetime

“What will happen today that has your kids running back tomorrow?”

That’s just one of the thought-provoking questions best-selling author Thomas C. Murray asks in his latest book, Personal & Authentic: Designing Learning Experiences that Impact a Lifetime.

Join Tom and All4Ed President Deb Delisle in this webinar on how educators have the power to leave a legacy by:

making students’ learning experiences personal and authentic;
ensuring that the culture around you is personal and authentic;
developing and nurturing personal and authentic relationships; and
being personal and authentic.

The work is hard, but our kids are worth it!

Categories: Future Ready


Adolescent Risk Taking, Rewards, and Relationships

In this webinar, part of the Alliance for Excellent Education’s Science of Adolescent Learning initiative, our expert panel will discuss how educators can ensure that school environments promote positive mindsets in adolescent students and motivate them to take risks associated with positive outcomes.

Categories: Science of Adolescent Learning
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The Future Ready Librarians® Fireside Chat Let’s talk innovation, literacy, equitable digital access and more!

In the last Future Ready Librarian webinar of the year, Shannon McClintock Miller has invited a few special guests to share favorite books, authors, technology, trends, ideas, advocacy tips, and other top things that have been happening in the library and within education in 2019. When we examine our framework as Future Ready Librarians, we tie this essential work into the wedges of curation, empowering our students as creators, literacy, equitable digital access and more.

Categories: Future Ready


Scaling Up Deeper Learning Approaches in Public Schools

This webinar featured experts from the field and researchers who discussed the challenges and opportunities educators and district leaders face in expanding deeper learning. The discussion featured new research from the Learning Policy Institute that highlights how three networks— Big Picture Learning, Internationals Network for Public Schools, and New Tech Network—have partnered with traditionally structured public school districts to create systems and processes that spread deeper learning models in ways that advance equity and result in greater success for traditionally marginalized students.

Categories: Deeper Learning


Standards of Equity and Excellence: A Deeper Dive Into Subgroup Performance

As a follow up to the National Urban League’s report Standards of Equity and Excellence: A Lens on ESSA State Plans, we are hosting a webinar alongside our partners at the Alliance for Excellent Education to discuss an important part of state accountability systems: Subgroup Performance. Subgroup Performance is how well particular groups, divided by characteristics (gender, race/ethnicity, language status, socioeconomic status, etc.) perform in particular measurable areas including language arts, math, and many others.

We invite you to join us for a brief discussion on what we are seeing in the field and how we can continue to hold states accountable as we move forward.

Categories: Equity, Every Student Succeeds Act
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Think Differently About Professional Learning Creating High-Quality Personalized Professional Learning that Works

Dr. Montra Rogers and Dr. Joe Sanfelippo teamed up to discuss the trials and triumphs of transforming stale, sit-and-get professional development into uniquely personalized and appropriate professional learning opportunities for educators, regardless of the role they hold in their districts.

Underscored with a common goal of meaningful personalized professional learning, they highlighted how to:

create a culture of continuous learning,
foster capacity and shared agency, and
design for and be mindful of scalability and sustainability, so as to increase the efficacy of implementation

Categories: Future Ready


Recognizing and Supporting Students Experiencing Homelessness

In this webinar, part of the Alliance for Excellent Education’s yearlong #OurChallengeOurHope campaign to both honor the landmark Brown vs. Board of Education Supreme Court case and focus on the continuing needs of our most underserved students sixty-five years after Brown was decided, our expert panel will share their knowledge on how educators can recognize and support students who are experiencing homelessness.

Categories: Brown vs. Board
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Dishing Up Some Digital Citizenship

In this webinar, join Shannon McClintock Miller, and her special guests, for this informative, exciting and fun conversation around digital citizenship.

1. What skills do digital citizens need to be successful?
2. How can librarians be champions of this work?
3. What digital citizenship successes can you celebrate?
4. What does an empowered digital citizen look like?

Categories: Digital Equity, Future Ready


Why Now? Why Us? The Case for an Inclusive Vision of 21st Century Learning

This webinar addressed how students with disabilities are and are not being prepared for the realities of today and the challenges, opportunities, and possibilities of tomorrow. The impact of the changes we see aren’t discriminating between students with and without disabilities–they impact everybody equally. It’s time that our practices and policies provide all students access to key 21st century skills and dispositions like critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, self-advocacy, growth mindsets, and self-determination. Panelists described the urgency behind including students with disabilities in the vision of 21st century learning and what each of us—policy makers, practitioners, families, communities, and students—can do to make this a reality.

Categories: Equity, Every Student Succeeds Act
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