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“We Cannot Cut Back on Job-Creating Investments Like Education”

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March 10, 2011 02:49 pm


On March 8, I traveled to Massachusetts to hear President Obama and Melinda Gates speak to students at TechBoston Academy, a 6-12 grade school founded in 2002 with the support of the Gates Foundation. According to TechAcademy’s web site, the Obama administration chose the school, “because it blends technology into the classroom, offers rigorous academic programs, and urges students to take courses at local colleges.”

It is also important to note that about 90 percent of the school’s student population is eligible for free or reduced lunch and 90 percent are minority students. Through the hard work of the teachers and the community, TechBoston students are graduating from high school at rates of 85 percent or above and are attending 2- or 4-year colleges at rates of 93 percent or above—percentages that exceed state and national averages.

During his speech President Obama told the student audience about the importance of earning a high school diploma and additional education, saying, “Getting the best possible education has never been more important than it is right now. And that’s because in today’s world, a good job requires a good education. I travel all across the country, I go into factories, I go into companies. And it doesn’t matter where you are working — if you do not have a good education you are not going to be able to succeed. And that includes being on the factory floor these days, because most of the equipment is highly technical.”

The president also discussed the budget battles occurring in Washington, DC and the need to cut government spending but cautioned, “even as we find ways to cut spending, we cannot cut back on job-creating investments like education.” He said, “We cannot cut back on the very investments that will help our economy grow and our nation compete and make sure that these young people succeed.”


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