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Science Powered By Digital Learning

Hear how students are benefitting from digitally-rich science education in West Windsor-Plainsboro Schools in New Jersey. Science Supervisor Rebecca McLelland-Crawley also highlights how teaching has shifted to better support problem-solving and collaboration for students.

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Talladega: Project-Based Learning Ignited by Technology

Talladega County was struggling with a declining economy and keep students engaged in school. The district embraced a project-based learning approach supported by use of digital tools and created a transformation! Students were more engaged, and after years of struggle, graduation rates and student achievement measures saw amazing results.

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A Glimpse of the Future of Learning

Mountainview Elementary School helped inspire the original Digital Learning Day when Principal Karen Collins challenged her staff to have a No Paper, No Pencil Day. Her goal was to encourage and inspire teachers to use digital and hands-on strategies. Alliance for Excellent Education President Bob Wise returned to Mountainview to recognize its success. Teachers at Mountainview have found that digital learning allows students to be more active learners and that it empowers them to be better teachers.

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